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Member Highlight

Meet INGrid VanZanten! A OG member at Kirin Crossfit since opening, and a hilarious human.

WHy Did you start Crossfit?

“I got a taste of the Crossfit world as a roller derby player during college. After I graduated, I moved to Salt Lake. I met Brenda and Marianne, (fellow Kirin members) who had recently completed on ramp and made their gym experience sound so safe and fun that I had to give it a try.”

What was your fitness like before crossfit?

“I was skating a lot and doing some occasional weight lifting. My fitness level was certainly much lower and poorer than it is today.”

If you could give your past self (before crossfit) some advise, what would it be?

“Keep showing up and stay patient.”

We noticed that you are quite consistent coming to the gym. What keeps you motivated to come to the gym 4 - 5x a week?

“The people. Fellow members and coaches keep me motivated to keep coming, because what I can accomplish with them far outweighs what I can accomplish by myself.”

What would your first question be after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?

“How’s RBG doing? (Yes, of course she’ll still be alive—how dare you.)”


show ups, not show offs.

This isn't your meathead roommate's CrossFit.
This is everyone-is-welcome, 
Kick some ass,
Take a few names,
Go ahead and brag about it,



Since we understand how stressful taking on something new can be, especially when you’re doing the new thing in front of a group of strangers, we require all newbies to participate in our on ramp program before jumping head first into CrossFit.

Our on ramp program consists of six classes that teach you the basics of each CrossFit movement, and yes, you must complete all six before moving on—no ifs, ands or buts. 

The truth is, you’ll probably forget the names of the moves and even some of the details, but that’s totally ok. The point is to prepare you and make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Our highly qualified coaches have your back and will be in every class cheering you on.




1676 S 700 W
Salt Lake City UT 84104

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