We are kirin

This isn’t your meathead roommate’s CrossFit.
This is everyone-is-welcome,
Go ahead and brag about it,

We get up in the morning
For that few extra pounds,
The muffin tops,
And the love handles.
The zero packs,
And the six packs.
Prepartum, postpartum, and during partum bodies.
And we stick around, just in case you’ve decided to sleep in.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously
Because a workout without fun is just a workout.
We know you by your first name,
And your best WOD.
And when you don't quite believe in you,
We do.

But this isn't about us,
And it sure as hell isn’t about the person next to you.
It’s about next year’s you being this year’s biggest competitor.



  • An arsenal of row ergs, ski ergs, and assault bikes

  • Endless (not really, but kind of) barbells and bumper plates

  • All the kettle bells

  • All the dumbbells

  • All the wall balls

  • Turf for sled pushing and sprints

  • A full outdoor space for all of your lifting needs



  • Locker Room

  • Showers

  • Kid's Room (supervised day care coming soon)

  • Doggo Run