all you've got is all we accept



Adam started CrossFitting in 2008 and began coaching in 2010. As an athlete and a coach, he has been to regionals three time and The CrossFit Games once. If a foul mouth, no filter, and dirty and smelliness freak you out, you should probably get over it before training with this guy because seriously, he’s just a big teddy bear.


Keslie started her CrossFit affair in 2011 and started coaching in 2013. As an athlete and a coach, she has been to regionals three times and The CrossFit Games twice. If you need anything or have any questions—CrossFit and Kirin related—she’s the one you’re gonna’ want to find. When it comes to passion, CrossFit is it for Keslie because she truly believes that there’s nothing better than watching people realize what they’re capable of. That last part came straight from her mouth and her heart.