Kirin crossfit runs a variety of programs, and we are frequently adding more! Whether you’re looking to prep for the next big ski season with our mountain program, looking to change your lifestyle and nutrition with our 10 week program, or looking for a great summer activity for your kids. We’ve got something for you.



With this program we are looking for those committed to, the beginning of an evolution towards your best self. An adventure that includes nutrition counseling and food journaling for optimal energy and health. A program designed to introduce you to the foundational movements of functional fitness with your particular needs at the forefront.


The Moxie Mountain Program is designed to take your mountain sports training to the next level, so that you can conquer the season and give it all you’ve got. With us, you’re not just getting a pre-made program. You are getting a coach, personalized attention, and a class dedicated to people like you that share an enthusiasm for mountain sports.



A 6 week fitness program for youth, Ages 6-11, that encompasses all things fun, and starts kids on a path to a healthy lifestyle at a young age. Plus, they will love spending their summer with fitness!